Media Partners offer bus panel advertising. Bus advertisements offer a variety of highly creative large format opportunities. Bus panel advertising has the ability to display brand messages to consumers on the move around Delhi. If you want to advertise on buses, contact Media Partners.

Commonly used for promoting commercial brands, bus panel advertising is used for public campaigns too. We make an effective use of the bus space for promotions. The various advertisement options included in bus advertisements are:

  • Full Side
  • Mega Rear
  • Super Square
  • Big Bus Back
  • Big Bus Side

At Media Partners, we create high impact bus advertising that foster attention. Call us on +91 98104 67058. Advertisers today, consider these banners to be an essential tool for marketing. It is significantly cheaper and effective method considering other types of marketing. Getting this amount of coverage to this amount of people on this scale daily would cost huge in any other form of marketing. Our affordable bus panel advertising is the key that can turn your marketing efforts to success.

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