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Event Videography Photography Services

Event Videography & Photography Services

We offer videography and photographic services for events of all sizes and locations across India, UAE & UK. We provide video and photo coverage and captures your Corporate event, whether it’s a Conference, Trainings & Presentation, Expo or something considerably more glamorous like a live music event, sporting event, theatre production, or Awards ceremony.

We are specialized in capturing events and edit highlights video to promote & advertise future events, We operate in small teams – usually one or two crew members – to take film around the event for highlights videos. We may do interviews with attendees and stakeholders to assist convey the story, and we edit the video so that you can share it with your social network. We can also capture the event in its entirety so that it may be shared with individuals who couldn’t attend on the day.

Location doesn’t matter, If you want to capture your event in Delhi or in Dubai our team can travel anywhere and cover your event. We have our in-house team in India, Dubai-UAE & UK. In other parts of the world we have our local partners who films and delivers the footage and we do post production in our local studio.

Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality video solution that catches the essential moments of your event, maximizes shooting potential, and delivers quickly – all while giving you with excellent value for money.

Throughout the process, we strive to be as adaptable & as flexible as possible. We can assure that we have a solution to meet your demands, as we have more than 50,000 filming hours of event filming experience.

We’ve worked overnight in some situations to create a summary video for publication the next day on social media, and we’ve created “B Roll” reels for news broadcasters that have been sent out before the event has even ended.

Pre Production

Planning | Scheduling | Crew | Equipment


On-Site Director | Single Or Multi-Camera Setups | Audio |  Professional Camera Operators | Production Crews

Post Production

Digital Video Editing | Custom Graphics | Animations | Extensive Music Library | Voice Overs Artists | Dubbing & Subtitling

Event Videography Photography Services