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Drone Videography Photography India

Drone Filming India
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Construction  Infrastructure

Drone Videography Photography India

Ghantoot Group is a company that has a wide range of commercial interests and is constantly coming up with new business concepts. From front road construction to civil works, electrical projects to marine construction, contractual projects to landscaping and irrigation.

We were contacted to cover every facets of the construction and  Edit, Motion Graphics, Music & SFX as a highlight monthly progress video.

Drone Videography Photography India

Monthly construction progress video lets us know the work in progress as well as it helps us to efficiently manage it. Media Partners was our contractual partner for submitting monthly progress video by using Drone filming & ground filming and then edit it interestingly with progress data as motion graphics. It is our pleasure to have them onboard.

Manager - Ghantoot Energy & Water

Drone Videography Photography India, Drone Filming Services In India