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Video Production Services India

Video Production Services
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Video Production Services for Shipping Company

Established in 1995 in the Middle East & Gulf region, registered in British Virgin Island and Seychelles has now grown to be a regional company, with offices in U.A.E., India, Singapore, Nigeria, China, Malaysia, France, The Netherlands, and Libya, meeting the growing demand and challenges of oil & gas and shipping industry. • Over the past 20 years, Selective Marine Services has established itself as the leading & fast growing international player in rig management & refurbishment, ship repair & maintenance, conversion projects, and offshore & engineering.

We were contacted by Selective Marine because of our expertise in creating Documentary films, Corporate video production, Project specific videos, Drone Filming, Ground Filming – Project sites, Installation, Interviews, Post production – Editing Offline & Online, Motion Graphics, Voiceover, Music & SFX. 

Video Production Services India

"Media Partners did a grate job in covering our Rig move. We are extremely satisfied by their approach and attitude towards work. Very prompt in responding to our request and delivering above our expectations."

Marketing Manager- Selective Marine

Video Production Services India